Sunday, 6 October 2013

Collective Jewelry Haul

Hey guys! 

Here is some jewelry I've bought over the post few weeks. I hadn't bought any costume jewelry in a long time, so I went a bit crazy shopping recently! I purchased the majority of my haul in Pennys. Pennys/Primark have such great value when it comes to jewelry and they are always on trend so you can't go wrong there! I also bought a few things in New Look and in Miss Selfridge! 

Here is what I got from Pennys:

I got these two friendship bracelets to wear with a more casual outfit! The one on the left is from Miss Selfridge and the on the right is from Pennys/Primark.

I also got a few things from New Look. I saw the first necklace on my aunt and I loved it on her. I had to buy it! It's very colourful and versatile so it will go with so many outfits.

I love this bracelet! I have very small wrists so most bracelets are too big for me and they fall off. But this one is adjustable. It has a Grecian look and dresses up any outfit. I bought the necklace below to match this bracelet.

What do you think of my Jewelry Haul?

Till next time!!