Monday, 11 August 2014

DIY HD Brows

Hey everyone! 

This post has been highly requested by my friends and followers and I'm finally getting around to writing it! I have gotten many compliments on my eyebrows and everyone always asked if they are HD Brows or which beauty salon I go to. They seem amazed when I tell them that I groom and shape my eyebrows myself! We all know that strong eyebrows are in fashion now and how much your eyebrows shape your face. They really are a central feature of your face! 

I do my own eyebrows because of a bad experience I had a few years ago when I was getting my eyebrows shaped. I went into a local salon when I was in my early teens to get my eyebrows shaped for the first time. Of course I was excited and a little nervous at the same time. When the beautician was finished I was in shock when I saw my eyebrows. She plucked my eyebrows extremely thin and look away my natural shape. My face looked so different and I hated it. I was so angry and upset and it look months to let my eyebrows grow back to their origional shape. Since then I have never gotten my eyebrows done, and I still have a fear of anyone else shaping them! 

NOTE: I have always stuck to my natural brow shape. I have never tried to reshape them to mimic any other brow shape. Trying to conpletely change the shape of your brow could go horribly wrong so just be careful! Your natural shape is the one that would suit you best and you should stick to that shape. 
This method has always worked for me but it may not work for everyone. I am not a professional beautician and this is only my take on brow shaping. I have learnt through triail and error. It takes practice to learn how to get the brows that you want and that suit you!

Now on to the tutorial so! 

What you need:

Eyelure Pro Brow Dye Kit (available from Boots) I definately prefer this dye kit over any other brand. It's easy to work with and gives the best results. Remember to read the guidelines before use. I use the colour Black as I have dark hair. If you have lighter hair, there is a light brown also available. 

Veet Facial Wax Strips (Available at Boots) Or you can use an Alternative for waxing. 
A good pair of  tweezers 

Eyebrow Dye

  • First things first, mix the dye and the activating solution together to make a paste. Read the product guidelines for more details. 
  • Clean the brow area before dying.
  • Apply Vaseline around your eyebrow. This prevents the dye from staining the skin around your eyebrow.

  • Apply the dye evenly on your brow. Use the brow spoolie to help apply this.
  • Next get a cotton bud and clean up any dye that is around your eyebrow. This is an important step as the dye will stain your skin. Trust me, I've learned the hard way! 
  • Leave the dye for about 2 minutes. I leave the dye on for about 4 or 5 minutes for a darker brow. 
  • Wipe off with a damp cotton wool pad or tissue to remove all of the dye
  • NOTE: If you have never used eyebrow dye before, I suggest testing it first. 

Tweeze and Shaping

  • Tweeze any stray hairs around the brow. 
  • Always keep to the natural shape of your brow for the best shape to suit your own face. 
You could just stop here but I have a few extra steps that I like to do with my brows. 


  • If you have thick or bushy brows, they can be trimmed. First brush the brow hairs down using a spoolie or brow comb. 
  • Carefully cut the ENDS of the hairs for a neat brow. Don't trim the hair too short. This will still leave a full brow that looks natural. 
  • Next comb the hair upwards and repeat the same steps. Perfect! 


  • Now onto the difficult part. Remember, be extremely careful when waxing, one wrong move and you could be missing half your eyebrow! Read the guidelines before use. 
  • Clean and prepare the brow area before waxing.
  •  Most facial wax strips are waaay too large for your eyebrow. Cut a tiny piece off with a scissors. 
  • Rub the small wax strip between your fingers to heat the wax
  • Put the wax strip near your brow and pull off quickly against the direction of the hair. 
  • Repeat this a few times to remove the light fair brow hairs. 

Before - After

And it's as simple as that! I usually do this every month or so.

My brows are very full and dark during the first week or so after I dye, shape and wax them. I like to fill in my brows with the Sleek Brow Kit in Dark  for some more definition. 

I hope you found this post helpful. How do you shape your brows?


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