Thursday, 26 November 2015


Today's review is by himself:

With this product Nivea have sought to simplify things for men. There a lot of guys out there who won't bother even buying one moisturizer so Nivea have decided to make a 3 in 1.  As the name suggests you can use this bad boy to moisturize face, body and hands. Seriously though, while it does well as hand and body cream it is a bit to heavy to use on the face. The other issue is that the 75ml provided isn't really enough if you are going to be using this as a face, body and hand cream.

  • Nice manly smell, seriously I really like the smell
  • Leaves hands and body feeling nice and soft
  • Small packaging makes it easy to carry around, great for the winter.

  • Too heavy to use on the face
  • Not enough cream to use as a body moisturizer
  • Tends to spill when taking off the lid 

Conclusion: Would make a decent stocking filter, but don't rush to throw out the facial moisturizer just yet